Houseplant Accessories

Propagation Station

My wife LOVES flowers and other house plants. We had so many little cups sitting around the house with plants she was propagating I figured it was time to make her something nice. Long story...

Small plant stand

My wife LOVES flowers and other house plants. These are great for propagating house plants or as a centerpiece with some fresh cut flowers. Make a great gift for friends whether they have a green...
$10.00 $12.00

Flower plants press kit

Preserve God's beauty found in nature with this flower press! Great way to make summer memories with the kids or for scrapbooking your favorite plants. Also you can display them in frames. Different options of...
$40.00 $45.00

Plant Magnets

So you ran out of shelf space but have some space on the fridge? Do not stop collecting your plants with these cute wood engraved versions. These wooden magnets are the perfect addition to any...

Funny garden decor

Never forget to water your garden again! This garden marker is ready for the your next planting season. It is a special moment when you are showing your friends your garden and they see your...
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